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Losing weight can be a frustrating process; many people struggle to lose weight or keep the weight off. Also, there are so many weight loss programs out there advertising they can give you the best results, but how do you know it will be effective for you?

Did you know that your genetics can hold a wealth of information on why you are struggling to lose weight and what you should do to lose weight?

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At Harmonious Health we offer DNA Genetique Weight and Wellness Profile where we can look right into your genes to see what weight-related genetic issues you may have so we can tailor a program specific to you. This well-researched report provides the best suggestions for diet, exercise, and lifestyle choices customized specifically to the information uncovered in YOUR genetic information. For example, if your profile shows that you have trouble feeling full, it’s time we have a conversation about measuring food portions. Or if cravings are an issue, we may suggest some homeopathic products to keep those cravings away.

DNA Genetique can help you answer questions like these:

  • Why don't I lose weight on the same diet as someone else?
  • What type of meal plan will work best for me for weight loss and maintenance?
  • What type of exercise will help me see the results I desire?
  • Do I need additional support for cravings or food addiction?
  • What are your top health concerns?
  • What vitamins and supplements may help?

The weight management programs are geared toward gentle yet rapid weight loss with no frustration but with oral drops of Amino acids of HCG , where many commercial programs take a more moderate approach. A six-week hA2cg program may show weight loss results that would take three to four times as long on one of the popular commercial weight loss programs.

The basic cost for the program is $515.00 (Orig. value $620.00). Three 30 minutes consults ($330.00) and One Comprehensive Detox kit with Powder and Detox Capsules. ($190.00 Value) Two hA2cG bottles ($100.00 Value) .

At Harmonious Health, we treat your body as a whole unit, giving you better, more long-term results. Get in touch by calling us or filling out the form and let us know you are interested.

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