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CEASE (Complete Elimination Autism Spectrum Expression and Modern Disease) Therapy was developed by a Dutch physician, Tinus Smits MD, who was loking for a way to help children with autism. Dr Tinus helped well over 300 Children with Autism prior to his death in 2010.

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What is CEASE Therapy?
CEASE therapy utilizes several holistic elements to form a systematic approach that helps people detox from physical and energetic blockages while bringing balance to the mind and body.  The elements used are: [Homepathy], [Isotherapy], [Orthomolecular Medicine] and [Nutrition]. As each person is genetically and physiologically different, his or her response to pathogens, toxins and environmental stresses differs. With CEASE, we endeavour to find just the right support, clear out toxins at the right time and in the right order. This gives a consistent response and recovery to our clients. As a result, patients who start with CEASE therapy see a process that leads to harmony and balance on physical, emotional and mental levels. This is far more than just the elimination of symptoms.

What can CEASE Therapy be used to treat?
It was originally developed to treat children with Autism but those who use the therapy have also noticed success in treatment of other conditions including MS, Chronic Fatigue, allergies, ear infections, hyperactivity, and detoxification.

What does CEASE Therapy involve?
The first step is filling out all the necessary forms as indicated by the practitioner. You need to be detailed as possible and write down all the issues you or your child is experiencing. These forms are extensive but necessary so the doctor can have a complete picture of you or your child’s medical history. During your initial consultation you or your child’s entire medical history is reviewed, which can take up to 2 hours. Once your medical state has been assessed the doctor will go over your individualized treatment plan, which includes: homeopathic remedies (pellet tablet or liquid/drop form), nutritional supplements, changes in diet, etc.

How is treatment done?
As mentioned above, the doctor will give you a remedy, which will either be a pellet tablet or liquid/drop form. Most remedies are handmade and tailor specifically to your symptom. Various herbs or oils are combined to create a remedy that will be most effective for you. Your treatment plan will also include a recommendation for follow up visits where the plan will be assessed and adjusted as necessary.

Are there any side effects?
During the detox period you may experience a fever, rash, diarrhea, etc. This is common as the body is expelling the toxins. Certain Homeopathic Cell Salts or natural measures can be given to ease the discomfort. Please let the doctor know you if you experiencing any side effects.


Toxin Burden

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