The use of Homeoprophylaxis (HP) was first described by Dr Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homoeopathy, in 180. He used the remedy Belladonna 30 to successfully treat patients with the disease Scarlet Fever, but found that the remedy also helped to prevent the disease. He then used HP to prevent such diseases as Cholera and Typhoid. In the decades following, many leading homoeopaths used HP to prevent a variety of infectious diseases, mainly in acute epidemic situations.

What is Homeoprophylaxis?
Homeoprophylaxis is the method of using homeopathic remedies to prevent infectious disease. There are no toxins, preservatives, chemicals, or pathological particles used in treatment. The philosophy behind Homeoprophylaxis to build up the immune system to create a healthier person so is less susceptible to the disease, rather than relying on antibody formation via a vaccination.

What does Homeoprophylaxis involve?
The first step is filling out all the necessary forms as indicated by the practitioner. You need to be detailed as possible and write down all the issues you or your child is experiencing. These forms are extensive but necessary so the doctor can have a complete picture of you or your child’s medical history. During your initial consultation you or your child’s entire medical history is reviewed, which can take up to 2 hours. Once your medical state has been assessed the doctor will go over your individualized treatment plan, which includes: homeopathic remedies (pellet tablet or liquid/drop form), nutritional supplements, changes in diet, etc.

How is treatment done?
You are given a remedy called a “nosode.” Nosodes emit the same frequency as the original disease agent. This frequency acts to stimulate general immune system function. Taking a dose is like taking a tiny dose of the disease itself. Because the nosode is energetic there is no actual disease present, however when introduced to the body, the body behaves as if it has the disease for a moment. This process is sufficient to educate the immune system about that particular disease. This is a similar principle that vaccines were historically based upon, but nosodes are made without additives, adjuvants (chemicals added to increase the action of vaccines) or preservatives!

Homeoprophylaxis for Traveling

Travel - HP
Homeopathy has a rich history in treating and preventing tropical diseases. There are many existing homeopathic clinics in Africa, Central America, and Asia providing treatment and prevention for diseases such as Hepatitis A, Malaria, Dengue fever, Yellow fever, Typhoid, Cholera and more. Depending on where you are traveling, when you are traveling, your current health status, the length of time you will be gone, and the amount of time you have before you are to travel, it is possible to use homeopathic remedies for disease prevention. 

As with vaccines, homeopathic prevention must be initiated months prior to the dates of travel so that the immune system has time to respond and develop the appropriate antibodies and immunity. Correspondingly, many other preventative measures will reduce the risk of most diseases.


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